Meet the Team

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2019 Farewell Ivan!

Ivan's been with our pharmacy since 2015! Ivan leaves us to pursuit his own business ! a young bright, energetic,mind who will thrive at wherever you are! all the best mate!

2018 Farewell Jan!

Jan has been part of our time for many year! Many of us remember her as a patient focus, caring, a person with a few words but with a great heart! always with a good smile on the face no matter what happens! ALL the best !

2017 Farewell Tinna!

Tinna has been with our pharmacy for over 10 years!!! A dedicated person, a bright and sharp, no time wasting, always on the go! Tinna is changing her career into a different role in the pharmacy industry with EastCare ! Tinna leaves us with our best regards!

2016 Farewell Aya!

Aya is leaving us for Australia! Aya's been with us since 2013 as an intern, then as a registered pharmacist since! Aya is customer focused! a young bright mind that will thrive everything coming to her life!! Best for luck and all the best for your future!!!

Unichem John Savory Pharmacy has been serving the Howick community for 56 years, founded by Mr John Savory.  John is now non-practising as pharmacist yet still involved in some pharmacy related matters such as Pharmac.

It has been managed by Tae Wu, a pharmacy business partner and the current team since 2014. We have a team of four to five pharmacists and other staff members on site, so there is always a pharmacist available to advise what is best for your wellbeing.