Pharmacy Health Saline Nasal Drops with Aspirator 30ml

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Pharmacy Health Saline Nasal Drops with Aspirator  30ml

Gentle non-medicated relief from nasal congestion in infants

* Made for infants 0-3 years

* Breaks down nasal mucas

* Helps clear congested noses

* Soothes dry nasal passages

* Made in NZ

* Medical device

Helps clear nasal congestion. Soothes dry nasal passages in infants.


Do not use in more than one person to avoid the spread of infection. Do not push the aspirator into the nostril. Do not squeeze the aspirator whilst it is in the nostril. If congestion persists, see your doctor or pharmacist. Use only as directed.



Children 0-3 years: 1-4 drops per nostril as required.

Directions - Drops: Before use prime/squeeze bottle away from child to ensure nozzle is not blocked or loose. Lay the child on their back and tilt the head backwards. Gently squeeze 1-4 drops into each nostril. Wait for 1-2 minutes for mucus to thin. Remove mucus with aspirator if required. Directions - Aspirator: Squeeze the bulb to expel the air. Gently place the soft tip at the entrance to the child's nostril. Slowly release the aspirator to extract the mucus. Repeat procedure on the other nostril.



Sodium chloride 7.04mg/ml - emollient.

Free from sugar, gluten, lactose and artificial colours.

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